Ethics for Contributors

The journal is committed to the highest ethical standards for its publications. For this reason, the journal will not accept for publication any works which have been published previously, plagiarize material, or falsify evidence. Any article which is found to have done so after publication will be withdrawn. The journal also will not publish unprovenanced materials for the first time (UNESCO Convention, 1970). Previously published unprovenanced materials, if cited, must be flagged as such. AABNER also has a policy of not publishing new materials from illegal excavations, according to the Hague Convention (1954).

The journal allows the publication of images in the public domain. Otherwise, the use of images complies with German and Finnish copyright law for ‘Wissenschaftliches Bildzitat’. In principle, the journal follows the legal principle of ‘fair use’ where applicable.

Ethics for Editors and Forum Reviewers

The editors of the journal will endeavor to treat all submissions equally and fairly. They will seek to evaluate submissions’ fulfillment of the editorial principles, independently of personal agreement with the arguments forwarded. Though the comments and critiques are to be open within the editorial forum, all such discussions will remain confidential outside these confines. Moreover, the editors confirm that they will respect the intellectual integrity and rights of the submitters and will not utilize their ideas without proper citation. Editors who themselves submit articles to the journal or who have other conflicts of interest will recuse themselves from the editorial process while the relevant submission is under review.