Most recent AABNER news:

New Issue now available!


AABNER's second issue and first varia issue is now available with 5 articles. One may download individual articles or the entire issue as pdf. 



Three first articles of AABNER's next varia issue: 

Aaron Brody: "Sail, Pray, Steer: Aspects of the Sacred Beliefs and Ritual Practices of Phoenician Seafarers"

Melanie Wasmuth: "Das Sogennante Ägypter-Archiv von Assur (N31): Archäologische Bemerkungen zum Komplex N31 A+D"

 Raphaëlle Berterottière: "Les trois sagesses de Baruch: hypothèses sur la figure des Géants en Ba 3, 24-28"


AABNER launch


AABNER will officially, publicly launch on 30 June 2021, via zoom and Facebook. Details forthcoming. 

First issue


AABNER's first issue will be a topical issue on ancient conceptions of divinity, edited by Izaak J. de Hulster.