Are you interested in submitting a contribution to this journal? We would like to refer you to the About tab, where you can view AABNER's principles, editors, and guidelines for authors. Authors must register before they can submit a contribution to the journal. If you are already registered, simply log in and work through the "Five steps for submission".

If you encounter problems with the registration process, please submit your article to: aabneresearch[at]gmail[dot]com

The journal hosts (1) short articles (known in other journals as ‘notes’); (2) review essays; (3) ‘normal length’ journal articles; and (4) long articles. There is no ‘arbitrary’ limit in word count but the longer the article tends to get, the more the contributors are encouraged to reflect on the coherence and necessity of the information to make the argument.

For grammar and style, the journal follows CMS, author-date style. Single citations should appear in the text, multiple citations and discursive notes in footnotes. For abbreviations for biblical texts and Near Eastern texts, the SBL Handbook will be followed. For other Near Eastern abbreviations, CDLI will be followed. For Classical abbreviations, use the Oxford Handbook of Classics.

AABNER accepts articles in English, German, and French, as the editorial competence of the forum allows. Articles should be prefaced with summaries in English, if the article is not in English, or in one of the other languages if in English.

All articles are peer-reviewed in a confidential review forum, comprising experts in the journal's remit. Forum review helps to eliminate the "Reviewer 2" problem as well as keep review times to a minimum. 

Authors retain the copyright of their articles. All issues are published under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 License

AABNER is a diamond open access journal, which means all articles are free to the reader and there are no APCs for the authors.