AABNER is a diamond open acess, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to rigorous, innovative, and ethical research in the fields of the historical, literary, critical, textual, and reception studies of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and cognate literatures; Ancient Near Eastern culture, history, and reception; Late Antiquity; Early Jewish and Christian studies; new methodologies in Biblical Studies; social scientific topics; comparative religion; and the Eastern Mediterranean.

This journal innovates the way humanities scholarship is published, by utilizing an open peer-review system  known as "forum review." In this system all reviewers' comments are visible to all other reviewers. This system enables AABNER to maintain rigor while encouraging innovative approaches and keeping review time to a minimum. 

 AABNER is diamond open access. Readers are free to read, download, copy, distribute, print, or link to the full text of AABNER's articles.