Reinventing the wheel? Imagining collaborative spaces at the intersection of masculinity studies and feminist studies in biblical scholarship

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Mikael Larsson


This article examines whether masculinity studies carry on the feminist legacy in biblical scholarship. The investigation proceeds through close readings of a selection of works that, in different ways, highlight the interactions between masculinity studies and feminist studies. To begin with, I trace the development of masculinity studies in three major anthologies on masculinity in biblical traditions (Ovidiu Creangă 2010, 2019, Creangă and Peter-Ben Smit 2014). The focus here lies on masculinity scholars’ explicit positioning in relation to feminist studies, through connection or disengagement, set against actual dialogue with feminist biblical scholarship. Secondly, I address Deryn Guest’s queer critique of masculinity studies in Beyond Feminist Biblical Studies (2012), along with her proposed theoretical platform, “genderqueer criticism”. Thirdly, I consider two examples from the other side of the table, namely feminists exploring masculinity, through the works of Claudia Camp (2013) and Rhiannon Graybill (2016). Finally, I conclude with a discussion of the challenges in the field and make some suggestions to facilitate cooperation in the future.

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