The journal is the first open-access and forum-peer-reviewed journal that covers the entire field of biblical studies and cognate fields in its diversity, and it is committed to the principles of the EABS in terms of equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and academic rigor. This journal innovates the way humanities scholarship is published, by utilizing an open peer-review system  known as "forum review." In this system all reviewers' comments are visible to all other reviewers. This system enables AABNER to maintain rigor while encouraging innovative approaches and keeping review time to a minimum. 

The aim of the journal is to provide a high-quality and innovative venue for the open access dissemination of biblical and cognate scholarship from Europe and around the world. The journal will encompass all fields touching on and relevant for the study of both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, early Jewish and Christian studies, from ancient times to reception in the present, as represented by the remit of the EABS. Thus, studies involving the Near East and Mediterranean worlds in their own right also fall within this scope.

The broad scope of the journal will enable it to function as the premier disciplinary journal, much like the functions of Nature, History, and Communication in their respective fields. Moreover, the journal will seek to avoid methodological stagnation and disciplinary isolation through its deliberate commitment to plurality within its scope.

New issue


The articles of Volume 1 issue 3 are now available. The full pdf is forthcoming. 

This is the last issue of 2021.

New Issue now available!


AABNER's second issue and first varia issue is now available with 5 articles. One may download individual articles or the entire issue as pdf. 



Three first articles of AABNER's next varia issue: 

Aaron Brody: "Sail, Pray, Steer: Aspects of the Sacred Beliefs and Ritual Practices of Phoenician Seafarers"

Melanie Wasmuth: "Das Sogennante Ägypter-Archiv von Assur (N31): Archäologische Bemerkungen zum Komplex N31 A+D"

 Raphaëlle Berterottière: "Les trois sagesses de Baruch: hypothèses sur la figure des Géants en Ba 3, 24-28"


Vol 1 No 3 (2021): Engaging Ritual in the Biblical Texts — A Comparative Approach

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